Tuesday, December 21, 2010

BBQ Chicken and Pineapple Quesadillas

This is one of those fabulous "recipes" that isn't really a recipe.  It is a big hit in our house!  Cutting up the pineapple is a bit of the pain, but one pineapple makes A LOT of these, so we just eat it several days in a row.  Yummy leftovers!

Flour tortillas--I highly recommend buying the uncooked kind from costco.  Makes a big difference.
Cheese--I like using pepper jack for a little zip.  Mixing in some cheddar is good too.
Fresh pineapple
Chicken--When I am feeling really lazy, I buy the foster farms pre-cooked, grilled chicken strips in the refrigerated section.
BBQ sauce--My favorite is Sweet Baby Ray's Original, but anything will work.

Spread a little BBQ sauce on a tortilla (cook it first if you are following my advice--YUM).  Cover with cheese.  Sprinkle small chunks of chicken and pineapple on top of the cheese.  Top with another tortilla.  Grill it up!  Cut it into wedges and enjoy!

Note: I have made it without the chicken before too, and it is still really yummy.  That is why I included a vegetarian label.


The Carlson Crew said...

Laura, we had this for dinner tonight. Pete and I LOVED it. The boys were skeptical at first, but once they tried it, they "chowed it down" to use their words. Thanks for sharing!!

Sarah McK said...

Well, I LOVE it!!! I've had it every day for five days in a row! (Logan is out of town.) I honestly think you could feed it to company! YUM!

Rachel said...

I didn't love it. Maybe it's because we don't have those uncooked tortillas. When I come to visit you Laura, we better make these so I can see how yummy they actually are.