Thursday, November 26, 2009

Quick and Easy Waffles a la Our Dad

This recipe was contributed by Mike Westover, our father, who is always exceedingly amused by himself.  :)

Quick and Easy Waffles

Open freezer and remove Eggo box.
Place two frozen waffles in toaster.
Push down handle of toaster, then wait.
When waffles pop up, remove and place on a plate.
Slather waffles with peanut butter (chunky, not creamy).
Pour heated syrup on top and eat with a fork.



Amber and The Boys said...

Oh yes. That is a morning staple at our house. :)

Laura said...

I love Dad. I got my hopes up thinking they were his REAL waffles. YUMMY!

Meg said...

what about what your mom used to do--
1. open freezer get out eggo waffle
2. put it in toaster
3. let it pop up and then put chocolate chips in all the squares while it is still hot!

that was my personal favorite...
love meg